Software contributions

  • General Orchestrator : we developed a General Orchestrator allowing the robot to coordinate its capacities (navigation, perception, interaction) and make decision on defined scenario.

  • Navigation Manager : this functionality provide a set of navigation strategy depending on the observed context. Regarding to the context (lots of people, complex environment, large free space zone), the robot changes it way of navigation.

  • Perception : in order to interact with people we developed a set of tools that accumulate knowledge about observed human

    • Face recognition : a solution was developed to automatically catch face and learn it for future detection.
    • Color detection : we extract main colors of a given picture (e.g t-shir, trousers) based on HSV format and K-mean clustering
    • Pose detection : based on the OpenPose data, we build a pose extractor gives us the estimate pose (stand, sit, lying down, left or right arm up,…)

Previous results and works around RoboCup

  • “LyonTech” team : 5th place at Robocup@home SSPL Montreal, CANADA, 2018 LyonTech is composed by former members of CPE Lyon team and by former candidates for Robocup organization.
  • “Lyon CPE” team (including Jacques Saraydaryan, Fabrice Jumel): 3rd place at Robocup@work, Joao Pessoa, Brazil, 2013
  • “CPE Robot Forum” team (including Jacques Saraydaryan, Raphael Leber, Fabrice Jumel) : 15th place at Robocup@home OPL Leipzig, Germany, 2016

  • Lyon city and INSA candidated for the organization of the Robocup, in 2016 (co-led by Olivier Simonin from Chroma/CITI team).
  • Fabrice Jumel (CPE Lyon/CITI) is a Robocup@home evangelist for France
    • He is member as the organisation commitee for application of Bordeaux for Robocup 2020
    • He is TC Robocup@home for 2017-2018.
    • He is the Organizer of a French @home open (first edition 24, 25th January 2018 in Lyon).
    • He was OC for Robocup@home SSPL in Nagoya and Montreal and OC for Robocup@home LARC in Recife.